A rich formulation that prevents acne, pimples and deep cleanses all types of impurities from skin pores. Neem and tea tree oil are a known antibacterial agent useful in eliminating skin infections whereas aloe Vera is an excellent moisture balance maintainer so as a result. Anaisha's Neem and Aloe Vera face wash leaves your skin clean, clear and softer. read more>>>

Anaisha's shampoo is enriched with amla, aloe vera, licorice, Acacia concinna, along with other ingredients which helps in cleansing of scalp & hair, strengthen hair follicles, prevents hair fall. It acts as a natural conditioner , revitalizes and add softness to hair. read more>>>

Our heena products are natural ingredients based and bring sheen to dull and dry hair. Regular application of our products will make your hair silky and you will gain a new confidence. read more>>>

Most neglected part of body needs good treatment often. Hands and legs brave heat, cold and humid weather all the time. Use our products to keep them vibrant and supple. read more>>>

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